Medina County Human Resources
144 North Broadway, Room 206
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone: 330.722.9209
Fax: 330.722.9342

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  Medina County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All potential candidates must pass a background check and drug screen.

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Postings Current as of April 22, 2019
Medina County Adult Probation
             Probation Officer (Full-Time)4/30/19
    Community Service & Vocational Outreach Coordinator (Part-Time)4/30/19

Medina County Highway
             Tax Map Technician 1 (Full-Time)4/30/l9

Medina County Home
             LPN (Part-Time & Intermittent)
             Resident Care Aide (Full-Time)
             Resident Care Aide (Part-Time)
Medina County Juvenile Detention Center
             Juvenile Correction Officer (Full-Time)

Medina County Facilities Maintenance
              Cleaning Technician (Part-Time)

Medina County Office for Older Adults
              Food Service Worker (Part-Time)

Medina County Public Defender Office
              Administrative Supervisor (Full-Time)5/3/2019

Medina County Sanitary Engineers
              Line Maintenance Worker (Full-Time)
              Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Full-Time)
              Wastewater Treatment Plant Shift Supervisor (Full-Time)

Medina County Transit
             Bus Driver (Part-Time)